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What areas do you service?

MM Digging serves Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Spring Lake, Raeford, and Hope Mills. For events outside of the area please click here for a quote.

How much notice is required to book?

24 hours before your event time is required for booking.

What do I need to provide the day of the event?

It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the right to enter and be situated at said property for the duration of the requested times. To make certain of a timely set-up, please ensure that there is a clear path that can accommodate a trailer that is 10ft wide and 20ft long. A 20ft-by-20ft area is needed for set up and play. Please make sure area is clear from any debris, mud, ground insects (ants), and standing water. The trailer is designed to set-up on a mostly flat surface and free from obstructions on all sides. If the set-up area is under trees or overhangs, the accompanying tent will not be used unless requested. If you are unsure if we can accommodate your needs, please contact us. We can set up on most hard surfaces to include gravel and grass.

Can the trailer be set up indoors?

Yes, our units can be set up indoors or outdoors. Ceiling height should be at least 12 feet high. A school, church gymnasium or auditorium provides plenty of room. The trailer can be set up inside as long as the path can accommodate the 10ft x 20ft trailer and the play area of 20ft x 20ft.

Will the construction vehicles damage my yard?

The vehicles are not used outside of the trailer therefore the vehicles and dirt will never come in contact with your yard. Additionally, the dirt and vehicles do not come in contact with the attendees allowing for all of the fun and none of the mess.

How many individuals can operate vehicles at the same time?

The maximum number of vehicles in operation at one time is 10. The max number of participating guest is 50. The number of viewing guest is not restricted.

What is your policy for inclement weather?

We reserve the right to cancel any delivery if the weather is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or we feel that the weather is not acceptable for the equipment to be used (excessive winds, lightning, or rain). Safety is our top priority, and we are required to make decisions with safety as the first consideration for any event. If local weather forecasts are calling for rain on the day of your rental, MM Digging may have to cancel your play time for safety concerns. If rain arrives after the unit is set up, the unit must be packed up. If rain stops, the trailer can be reconfigured to resume use. Customers will not receive a refund if rain occurs after delivery and set up, but we will contact you to discuss options if the weather looks like it may be a factor.

What does your price include?

Our price includes delivery, set-up, play, and removal of unit. From one to three attendants will accompany the rig and is dependent on the number of guest being served.

Do I need to provide electricity?

No. An external power source is not needed for MM Digging to provide service.

Who sets up the trailer?

We deliver, set up, and take down the trailer. Each remote control is fully cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.

Must the trailer be set up on grass?

No. Set-up can be on blacktops, parking lots, driveways and indoors. Indoor set up will have a tarp on the floor to capture and escaping dirt and keep the area clean.

What is the recommended age for vehicle operators?

The recommended age for attendees is six and up depending on the child. Attendees should be able to take directions from our staff. Individuals five years old or younger must have the assistance of an adult to be allowed to control the vehicles.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel for any reason before 48 hours of your scheduled event, we will refund any monies paid. If you cancel within 48 hours of your event, we will refund any monies paid less the deposit amount. If you cancel within 24 hours of you event, you will not receive a refund.

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